Advanced Information


The following information is provided for students who will be attending DINFOS.  Questions/concerns should be sent to DINFOS Registrar.

For general information and directions to Fort Meade, please visit


Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center on post is not a full-service hospital.  It may not be able to provide the health care you require.  However, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the hospital at Andrews Air Force Base are within driving distance.  If you have specific health care issues, it would be best to call Kimbrough before you get here: (301) 677-8800.  If you are attending a course longer than three weeks in length and are enrolled in TRI-CARE, it is recommended you change your enrollment to the TRI-CARE North Region.


The hotel desk (Candlewood Suite IHG Lodging) is located in Bldg. 4690 Cooper Avenue.  Once you have received this letter, you should call (410) 674-7700 to determine availability.  This should be done NLT 10 days prior to arrival.  NOTE:  Room payments at billeting must be made every 7 days.   Make sure your credit card limit will cover you.  If you encounter problems with your reservation, or have other questions about billeting, please contact the appropriate military company or detachment (contact info listed below).

Inquire for availability to include family members and pets. Students whose orders authorize them to travel with their families (i.e. students traveling TDY en route to a new duty station) should contact their respective military support detachment.

All Army Enlisted Students will report to the: Army Student Detachment located at: Bldg. 8606, 6th Armored Cavalry Rd, Ft Meade MD 20755. You must have the items listed on the TRADOC Checklist (TRADOC 350-18-2) and not arrive with a temporary profile.

Army MOS-T Students - All MOS-T students will report to the Army Student Detachment located at: Bldg. 8609, 6th Armored Cavalry Rd, Ft Meade MD 20755 to receive barracks assignment.  MOS-T students will be housed in Barracks Bldg. 8607.

Army Advanced Course Students - If MTSS is indicated on your orders and government quarters are available, report to the Army Student Detachment located at: Bldg. 8609, 6th Armored Cavalry Rd, Ft Meade MD 20755.  If Government Quarters are unavailable, report to IHG Lodging located at: Bldg. 4690 Cooper Ave, and Ft Meade MD 20755. All students attending the PAQC and PAQC-ADL-R courses are allowed to stay in IHG Lodging.  Check in-time at Candlewood Suites is 3 p.m..  Check-out time is 12 p.m.

All other Service members - Please contact your respective Student Detachments using the information provided on page 2 of the welcome letter.

Arrival on Weekends and after Duty Hours:  Students arriving on the weekend or after Duty Hours should contact their service detachment prior to arrival during normal duty hours for instructions.

Late Arrivals:  Students arriving late risk losing their course reservation to a person on the class “stand-by” list.  If you plan to arrive late for any reason, contact us at DINFOS Registrar you may also call either (301) 677-4648 or (301) 677-4291. 

Pay Concerns:  Do everything in your power to ensure all your pay is properly arranged BEFORE you come.  Except for the Navy, there is no finance center located on Fort Meade. Army students will address pay issues with their PSG and utilize the personnel clerks at the Detachment.


While we will be glad to answer any other questions you might have about the school or the course, the student detachments are better equipped to answer any concerns or questions about billeting or your service requirements while attending the Defense Information School.  Listed below are the phone numbers for the detachments:

Army: (301) 677-2386/4062/6899
Navy: (301) 677-6260/6283/6287
: (301) 677-7662/5188
Air Force: (301) 677-5053/5039 
Guard: (301) 677-5188

You can also go to the DINFOS webpage and for direct links to your service detachments using the Student Life links at DINFOS.DMA.MIL


Report to the room posted on the monitor in the school lobby, located at 6500 Mapes Road, by 7:45 a.m. the first day of class.  Army personnel attending Advanced Courses must report by 7 a.m. in the room posted on the monitor in the school lobby for in processing brief with USASSD staff and cadre.  The in processing brief will cover the administrative support and Detachment requirements for the duration of the course.   

Absence policy:  In every class several students report here with existing social/personal commitments that conflict with the class schedule.  You need to determine your priorities before you arrive!   Absences for non-emergency, personal reasons are not normally approved; a request will be required from your supervisor.  Clear your schedule now.

Graduation is slated for the last day and is a mandatory formation.  If you’re flying out, do not schedule your flight before 5 p.m. on that date. 


DINFOS military students are expected to maintain their personal appearance in accordance with applicable service regulations.  Officers, you will be role models for the junior enlisted students in both appearance and deportment.  


All Army, Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve students are required to meet the Army’s body composition standards as outlined in AR 600-9.  Army Reserve advance course students will receive a DA Form 1059 and be given an initial height/weight screening within 72 hours of reporting.  All MOS-T, PAQC, PAQC-ADL-R, BPASC-ADL-R, BRTSM (regardless of component) students will also be given an initial height/weight screening within 72 hours of reporting.  Should a student fail to meet the Army Body Composition standards outlined in AR 600-9, they will be counseled by the USASSD Commander and a plan of action will be developed.  PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to meet the Army Body Composition standards during the initial height/weight screening can result in removal from the course. Students must wear their Army PT uniform, to the standards sent in AR 670-1, during the height and weight.

In addition to the initial height and weight screening, students enrolled in the following courses will be required to take an APFT and height/weight screening administered by the USASSD cadre:


All Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Military Students MOS-Ts will be required to participate in the USASSD monthly Diagnostic and End-of-Course (record) APFT and height/weight screening.  Meeting Army APFT and height/weight standards is a graduation requirement. You must graduate to receive DINFOS transcripts.


All Army military personnel who are attending DINFOS in a student status are required participants in the Military Training Service Support program or MTSS. This program will pay for all lodging and meal expenses while you are on student status at Ft. Meade as indicated on your orders.  Your orders need to read the following statement in order for you to be properly enrolled in this program:

“Government meals and lodging are available and directed at no cost to the Soldier. Early arrivals of more than three (3) days are not authorized."

*It is very important that your orders read with the above statement in order for your meals and lodging to be paid for by the Army! It will also eliminate hassles for you later with having to do amendments for your orders.

Additional Information regarding MTSS program:  As a Non-Initial Entry trainee assigned to Fort Meade for training at the Defense Information School (DINFOS), you qualify for the Military Training Service Support (MTSS) program. Under this program, lodging and meals are available and directed at no cost to the Soldier.  All Army Soldiers will be lodged in Army Barracks if rooms are available.  Soldiers will be lodged in the IHG lodging as needed.  Meals will fall under the MTSS-7 program, which pays for all meals, seven days per week. Per Diem and any other form of reimbursement for lodging and/or meals are not authorized, unless orders state otherwise. Early arrivals of more than three (3) days are not authorized. Use of government travel cards for the purchase of lodging and meals while in attendance at a military course at the Defense Information School is not authorized. Travel vouchers will not be filed for the purpose of reimbursement of lodging and/or meal costs during the orders period at Ft. Meade. The reimbursement coverage period under the MTSS program will be the duration of the orders period for the purpose of military training at the Defense Information School. Travel vouchers may be filed at your next permanent duty station (PDS) or the station of departation upon your completion of training. You will not have to file travel vouchers monthly.

*Under the MTSS program, use of the dining facilities is mandatory 7 days per week while you are on orders at Ft. Meade. You will not get reimbursed for any meals you purchase, unless your orders state otherwise. Present your orders in the DFAC as the payment method. A class roster will be issued to the DFAC once attendees are verified. 


Military students will need to contact their service representative above to determine what the uniform of the day is and what uniforms to bring.  Civilians should bring clothing equivalent to that worn by the military officers of their service (e.g.: what you would wear to work).  In addition, civilians should bring clothes suitable for an outdoor environment during any Field Training Exercise. 

Army Students:  ASU’s will be required in order to walk with your class at the graduation ceremony.  NOTE:  Class A Service Dress is required.   Flight suits are NOT authorized wear.  Navy students may want to bring khakis or BDUs.


When you process in the first day of class, you will be told specifically how to get mail while you’re here.   DO NOT SEND MAIL OR PACKAGES TO THE SCHOOL.  Doing so will only delay you receiving that mail.


Bring a laptop if you can.  At a minimum, the laptop should be loaded with Microsoft Office.  If you cannot bring a laptop, students have access to classroom computers until 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.  However, the school is closed on weekends.  The school does have laptops that can be checked out to students.   

We hope this information proves useful in your preparations to attend DINFOS.