International Detachment - Frequently Asked Questions

How do military and civilian personnel enroll?

Military and civilian personnel should use their Ministry of Defense training channels to contact the security cooperation office at the U.S. Embassy in their country. They should also visit the DINFOS website for updates and course schedules.

See the course information page for list of eligible courses and schedules.

Or they can contact the International Military Student office at (301) 677-2020.

What are the language requirements?

The courses are conducted in English. All students need to achieve an 85 English Comprehension Level (ECL) and 2/2 Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

What lodging options does DINFOS provide?

Students will stay in the same Ft. Meade accommodations used by U.S. students or students can live off post if their country pays for the accommodations.

Is emergency medical care provided?

Yes. Medical services are provided to the international military student in accordance with instructions on the invitational travel orders. International students undergo a rigorous medical screening prior to attending courses at DINFOS.

How long in duration are courses available to international officers?

The courses range from approximately two weeks to 24 weeks.

Are family members authorized to accompany international students?

No. Because of the duration of the courses at DINFOS, family members are not officially authorized to accompany international students.

Are rental cars provided?

No. Installation transportation (shuttle bus) is provided at no cost to the student from the lodging facility and to points of interest on the installation. Local taxis services are available as well as a light rail station nearby.
Please see the DINFOS transportation page for more information.