Our Mission

The Defense Information School trains and educates communication professionals for service in the Department of Defense and with its partners.

Our Vision

DINFOS is the Department of Defense’s educational institution dedicated to training agile military communicators and leaders who will compete and win in today’s complex and demanding information environment.

DINFOS remains the assignment of choice because we care for our people and our families; we maintain an empowering environment that leads to professional growth; and our work provides immediate and meaningful change throughout the military communicator profession.

Our Lines of Effort

Take Care of People. In order to grow our “Winning Culture” we need to invest in our people and foster an environment where every team member can reach their full potential. We will establish a holistic approach to our own health and fitness which will improve our ability to meet readiness requirements.

Train and Educate. As our core mission, we need to continually evolve our training strategy to prepare our “Mission-Capable Graduates” to communicate effectively in a dynamic information environment. 

Modernize and Expand Capabilities. We need to build that “Essential Framework” and continue to seek new and innovative ways using agile and adaptive techniques that improve our processes, technology, and infrastructures.

Inform and Learn. We will develop and enhance mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and stakeholders. We will leverage our virtual and distance education tools to reach the fleet and field, and provide greater information advantages through our “Enduring Relationships.”

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