Effective Sept 14, 2022, graduation visitors are allowed for all DINFOS formal graduation ceremonies unless otherwise specified.

The Fort Meade Garrison and Visitor Control Center consider DINFOS Graduations to be “Special Events,” which requires a different vetting process for access than what is described on the Fort Meade website.

  • Students are required to provide names of visitors to their class leadership at least 10 training days prior to the ceremony date. 
  • Student leaders will use this form to compile their guest list.
  • Visitors will enter the installation at the Rockenbach Access Control Point and be prepared to present a form of identification issued by a U.S. state or the U.S. government. The identification information must match the information provided for the guest list.
  •  Visitors must arrive at the DINFOS Staff entrance 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to be escorted into the building.
  • Upon entering DINFOS, visitors must proceed directly to the graduation room.
  •  After the ceremony, students will escort all visitors off DINFOS property.
  • Visitors are not authorized to disrupt ongoing instruction or operate DINFOS equipment.  
  • The DINFOS Commandant or delegate may revoke visitor access at any time for health, safety or security reasons.
  • For student guests visiting the installation and require multi-day access, they must request visitor access through the Fort Meade Visitor Control Center according to the procedures located here.