The mission of the Chaplain's Office is to increase spiritual readiness through caring, facilitating, providing and advising. Regardless of religious affiliation, the chaplain cares for all faculty, staff, students and family members with confidential pastoral care, counseling, and coaching that reinforces spiritual strength to enable you to accomplish the mission with honor.

The  Chaplain's Office is committed to cultivating a sacred trust by facilitating the religious needs for all faculty, staff, students and family members.

Additionally, the  Chaplain's Office advises the DINFOS Commandant on all matters regarding the development and management of the Religious Affairs Program, command climate, morale, unit cohesion, and human factors of DINFOS students, staff and faculty.

Finally, the Chaplain's Office provides faith group-specific ministry consistent with the tenets of their respective religious-endorsing organization.

Location and Contact Information

Chaplain Jose F. Jimenez

Address - Chaplain's Office; Room 208
6500 Mapes Road, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5620

Phone - (301) 677-4426

Email -