The Office of the Registrar provides administrative support at the Defense Information School. Our purpose is to abide by established policies and procedure to ensure efficient management of all training courses in the area of quota management, course scheduling, student records and documentation. The operations conducted in the Registrar’s Office are: the coordination of course and classroom scheduling, and registration; the maintenance of information management; the administration and application of academic policies; safeguard and maintaining integrity of academic and student records, and data analysis and reporting.

DINFOS operates on a fiscal year schedule from October 1st to September 30th. All courses offered after October 1st of a particular year are considered part of the next fiscal year. For example, if a course begins Oct 1, 2019, it is listed under FY 2020.

Note: The turnaround time for processing a transcript request may take approximately six to eight weeks. Thank you for your understanding. 

For inquiries, please call
Registrar office: 301-677-4343

Background Investigations and Education Verifications:

Investigations and education verifications requests must include an authorization of release signed by the student. Once the release is received, DINFOS can verify details regarding student attendance, student names at the time of attendance, degrees earned, programs attended, and dates of attendance. We will complete the requests in the order that they are received. The process may take 2 weeks to complete.

Background investigators

Investigators can schedule a visit to the Registrar's office or email investigation requests and release to We will document your badge number on the release and process the requests accordingly. 
Education Verifications: The Registrar's Office will process once we have received the verification request and a signed authorization of release. Email all education verification requests to the or you can use the mailing address below.
Registrar's Office
6500 Mapes Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755



Students attending or scheduled to attend DINFOS training should avoid any absences during scheduled instruction.  Students will not be excused from class except for sickness, scheduled medical, dental, out-processing appointments, or emergencies.  Absences of more than one academic day for other than medical reasons must be approved in advance by the Director and coordinated with the appropriate service detachment and academic director.


 Late Arrivals

Students who will not be present on Day 1 of class start date should submit an email to the registrar’s office. The email should indicate the reason for being late as will as the estimated time of arrival. The Registrar’s Office will coordinate with the Department Leadership and notify the student of their next steps. Late arrivals are not guaranteed a seat in the course.




Military and DoD civilians will request courses through their Service or Civilian Personnel/Training Office. All International Military students are enrolled through Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA). Non-DoD federal agencies must enroll through their Education and Training Office. DINFOS does not directly enroll students into courses.


 Requesting Course Materials

DINFOS manages the provisions under which course materials ( (lesson plans, student materials, lesson presentations, exams, rubrics, etc.). are released in order to manage:
Copyright restrictions - review of materials for fair use, distribution, or duplication limitations.
Controlled materials - anything related to student assessments.
Training Capabilities - DINFOS must understand the requester’s training issue and recommend the appropriate DINFOS training resources to effectively resolve the issue(s). This may include directing them to our newer training assets such as Mobile Training Teams or PAVILION. DINFOS releases content only to DOD communicators based on specific training outcomes. 

If you would like to request DINFOS course materials, please follow this link to submit a request. Allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing your request. 



There is no tuition for military members or DoD civilians. The agency or unit is responsible for per diem and lodging.

Non-DoD civilian tuitions are calculated by course. Please contact the Registrar for cost or more information at 301-677-4343 or via email. If you are interested an attending a course, send a training request to the registrar’s office. The registrar will coordinate the package with the budget officer. Once the budget officer gives you an approval, the registrar will notify the requestor of the decision and place the potential student on the waitlist.




Seats are allocated by quota source. For agencies that do not have a quota in a DINFOS course, you may request to be placed on the waitlist by submitting a training request to the Registrar’s Office. There are no guarantees that you will be given a seat.




Waivers are initiated by the requester and routed through the Services’ Career Field or Quota Managers for approval.  The Career Field or Quota Manager will email the approved waiver memo and student information sheet to the Registrar’s Office. Then RO will prepare the waiver package for coordination, and route to DINFOS leadership for review and decision.  Once a decision is made, the Registrar will notify the career field or quota manager and the service detachment of the final decision. If the waiver is approved, the Registrar will coordinate to obtain a quota for the student in ATRRS.

Waivers take an average of five business days to complete. Suspense information listed below.   

Waiver Process Table

Waiver Type



Submission suspense date NLT

Requires DINFOS approval

Approving Authority

RO will secure reservation

RO final action

Course prerequisite

  • Quota Manager
  • Civilian Supervisor

30 days


Training Director


Notify / File

GT Score

  • Quota Manager

10 days


Training Director




  • Quota Manager or Proponent  


30 days







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