Mobile Training Teams

Military units and government organizations may request mobile training teams from DINFOS to train, coach and mentor members of their organizations in basic, intermediate and advanced public affairs and visual information skills. Mobile Training Teams (MTT) are instructors who travel to a requester's location to teach public affairs, broadcast or visual information based on the customers needs. The MTT will tailor the training to meet the training objectives established by the customer. DINFOS instructors have supported various operations, exercise and units throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

To request an MTT, please see the process below. MTTs are supported where and when possible. However, since DINFOS only has resources for resident training, MTTs can be supported only when support of the MTT has no impact upon resident training.

Note: The requesting units are responsible to fund the MTTs.

Combatant Commanders should request MTTs for Foreign Governments within their Area of Responsibility (AOR), by using their respective military Service Training Office, which then contacts the Security Assistance Officer (SAO) at the American Embassy within your AOR. The SAO coordinates all such training requests with the appropriate U.S. military Service counterpart, i.e., the Air Force Security Assistance Team (AFSAT), the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity (NETSATFA) or the Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA), for the Army. The only exceptions are Canada, Mexico and Russia, whose requests should be worked through their Embassy.

Mobile Training Team Request Process
The entire coordination process must be started at least two months prior to the required start date. The procedure is as follows: 
1) Requesting organization(s) must officially request a DINFOS MTT by contacting the DINFOS MTT Coordinator at to explain their concept/scope of requested support.
2) Within 10 business days, the MTT staff will notify the requesting organization if it is feasible for DINFOS to provide a MTT to meet their concept/scope of requested support.