The Navy detachment as DINFOS is part of Naval Technical Training Center, located in Meridian Mississippi, and falls under the Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC). The Detachment is responsible for the Navy Military Training Program (NMT), which provides additional military guidance to assist Sailors from boot camp graduation through their first 12 months in the Navy.


Congratulations on receiving orders to attend the Defense Information School (DINFOS), located at Fort George G. Meade, MD.

DINFOS offers a wide variety of courses ranging from initial accession training for the Mass Communications Specialist rating to advanced training for senior officer and enlisted personnel in the Public Affairs Community. Whatever your assignment, I am sure that your time at DINFOS will be a positive and rewarding experience that will aid you in future endeavors for years to come.

The Navy detachment as DINFOS is part of Naval Technical Training Center, located in Meridian Mississippi. and falls under the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC). I have charged my staff with the responsibility of providing military and professional training for all enlisted personnel who check onboard.

"A" School Students - Our core guidance for all "A" school students is the Naval Military Training (NMT) program, designed to successfully transition boot camp sailors into productive members of the fleet through a comprehensive program of military, professional, and physical training. The NMT program will govern your actions in all facets on a day-to-day basis and provide you with the framework to make sound decisions.

"C" School Students – You are a key component in helping us transition “A” school sailors to the fleet. The unique nature of the Mass Communication Specialist rating ensures that as you transition throughout your career you will find stops at DINFOS are frequently part of your progression. During these stops the example of pride and professionalism that you set will be the bar upon which "A" school students try to live up to in preparing themselves for their eventual arrival in the fleet.

DINFOS courses are demanding and require that you take an active role in your learning process. Academic excellence must be your top priority. My staff is dedicated to ensuring your academic success; if you are struggling, seek assistance and take the initiative to ensure your continued professional development.

We are committed to providing you with a professional and positive military training environment that will hone basic military skills, ensure physical readiness, and foster patriotism and unit pride. I am committed to your professional development and success as a Mass Communication Specialist, Interior Communications Electrician, or Public Affairs Officer.

Naval Technical Training Center Detachment
Fort Meade, Maryland
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