The U.S. Army Detachment is the home of the Wolverines; Army Soldiers attending initial entry or reclassification courses at the Defense Information School. Our mission is to ensure the development of agile and adaptive Signal and Public Affairs in order to provide trained professionals to the United States Army and Joint Force.


All Soldiers MUST travel on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Soldiers authorized to travel with dependents, will receive basic housing allowance (BAH) and are required to make on or off post living arrangements. Single Soldiers without dependent are not authorized BAH and will be provided a barracks room. Releasing units are not authorize to restrict dependent travel. 

Helpful PCS checklists and information are available on the website.

Incoming Soldiers will report to the Staff Duty NCO in Building 8606.

Soldiers authorized to travel with dependents, will receive basic housing allowance (BAH) and are required to make on or off post living arrangements. Due to early formations and traffic congestion it is suggested that Soldier live within a 20-mile radius of Fort Meade.

Single Soldiers without dependents are not authorized BAH and will be provided a barracks room in Building 8609.

Releasing units are not authorize to restrict dependent travel.

PACS-Q Students

Army students are mandated to stay at Candlewood Suites (an IHG hotel) located on Fort Meade. If lodging is full, the staff will work with you to secure reservations at a hotel located off post. If you encounter problems with your reservation or have other questions about billeting, please contact your appropriate military detachment Please contact the hotel at least 10 days prior to the course start to confirm your reservation. Inform the agent that you are a DINFOS student (

When inprocessing, all students will have in their possessions the following materials:

  • Medical and Dental records (unless assigned to Fort Meade; Fort Meade records remain in respective clinics)
  • Identification tags and identification card
  • 10 copies of orders
  • DA Form 1610, if applicable
  • DA Form 31
  • DA Form 3349, permanent profile if applicable
  • DD Form 214, if applicable
  • 4-1 & 4-2 of enlistment paperwork, if applicable
  • Enlistment Extension, if applicable
  • Waivers required to attend DINFOS training

In processing will take place during the three business days following the date of report.
The general schedule for in-processing is as follows:

  • Day 1: Report day; complete in-processing packet; barracks room assignment in Building 8609.
  • Day 2: 0615 HT/WT at company
    0800 platoon in-brief
    1000 in-process company, S1, S3
    1300 in-process dental and Kimbrough.
  • Day 3: Military Personnel Operations (MILPO) by appointment only.

In-processing locations are as follows:

  • MILPO (By appointment only – scheduled thru unit S-1, Huber Road & Ernie Pyle Street).
  • Finance and Pay Processing will be completed by the Company S1.
  • DEERS @ In/Out Processing Building (at Huber Road and Ernie Pyle Street).
  • TRICARE @ Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Ctr. located on Llewellyn Ave & Ernie Pyle Street. Tricare benefits must be switched to Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center on Fort Meade before Soldiers and/or dependents are eligible for medical assistance.
  • Dental at Epes Dental Clinic (across the street from the Freedom Inn dining facility)

NOTE: All inprocessing will be conducted in duty uniform.



Army ACFT and Army height and weight standards are being enforced.
• All regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve students are required to meet the Army's body-fat standards as outlined in AR
600-9. Students must wear their APFU (shorts, t-shirt, white/black socks and sneakers) for the weigh-in. PACS-Q is an MOS-producing course, and therefore all students will be required to meet height and weight standards. For further information on this requirement, please review Army Regulation 350-1 and AR 600-9.
• All Army Active Duty and Active Guard Reserve will take a record ACFT IAW TRADOC policy. Army National Guard and Army Reserve students are required to take the diagnostic ACFT conducted during the course. Students must wear their APFU (shorts, t-shirt, white/black socks and sneakers) for the diagnostic.

After the Course

The Army Public Affairs Center (APAC) in collaboration with the DINFOS Public Affairs and Communication Strategy Directorate is offering Army students (Uniform and GS) the opportunity to complete the required OPSEC II course here at Fort Meade for 3 days following PACS-Q graduation.

APAC will send students a separate letter with further details with a point of contact. The course is not in ATRRS, nor is it in association with DINFOS, requiring students to plan additional TDY with their unit after PACS-Q. Per Army policy, only OPSEC II certified personnel can manage official social media, release information to the public, and fully complete the duties required as an effective Army PAO. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Army Graduates: For DA 1059 information, contact the Registrar's Office here