The U.S. Coast Guard Liaison Office exists to support your training needs in and out of the classroom. If you are a class “A” or class “C” school student, please contact us with any questions prior to reporting for training. The Coast Guard has enjoyed a decades-long partnership with the DoD in training some of the best public affairs practitioners in the world. We look forward to working with you and setting you on a path to professional greatness.

All Coast Guard students attending the Defense Information School are administratively assigned to Coast Guard Detachment, Fort Meade and, regardless of rank or course duration, must check in with the Coast Guard Liaison staff on the report date specified in their orders.

All Coast Guard A-School students not residing in the Marine/Coast Guard barracks (see Billeting Information below), C-School students, and PACS-Q students may report in via phone and must provide lodging information to include hotel name, location and contact number.  A-School students residing in housing must provide an address.

All A-School students residing in the Marine/Coast Guard barracks must check in to the barracks NLT 1800 on the report date indicated on their orders.  

The detachment is located at 8545 6th Armored Cavalry Road, Fort Meade, MD, directly adjacent to the Freedom Inn Dining Facility. The nearest airport is Baltimore Washington International. Driving directions and shuttle information are available on the DINFOS website.

A-School students will report to the Coast Guard Liaison staff at the pre-arranged time/date provided to them upon check-in.

All students must be at the schoolhouse no later than 0730 on the first training day of their course for class registration, badging, and course indoctrination.

Uniform of the day, Monday through Thursday, is the Operational Dress Uniform.  On the last Friday of each month, the uniform of the day is Tropical Blue long.  Winter Dress Blue is authorized IAW the Coast Guard Uniform Manual; however every student in a respective class must wear a matching uniform.

A-School Students (Students attending Mass Communication Foundations - MCF)
Coast Guard A-School students are considered "Fleet-Returnees" and will adhere to all Marine Detachment rules and regulations for their category.  

All Active Duty A-School students PCS to Fort Meade and should hand-carry their medical records.  Medical records will be maintained by the clinic at Coast Guard Yard. C-School students who will need medical services while at DINFOS are encouraged to bring their medical records.

Fort Meade does not provide medical or administrative support to Coast Guard students.  All A-School students will report to Coast Guard Yard for admin and medical check-ins at scheduled times to deliver records, complete their admin check-in and drop off medical records at the base clinic.

All Reserve students should bring medical records, as Coast Guard Yard will provide support while they are TDY to Fort Meade.  Reserve students will also complete an admin and medical check-in at Coast Guard Yard at a scheduled time. 

All other students
Students returning to DINFOS for C-Schools or the Public Affairs Communication Strategy Qualification Course (PACS-Q) should report via phone to the Coast Guard Liaison Office staff at numbers provided on their orders, or utilizing the contact numbers above.   

All Active Duty A-School students will receive PCS orders to Fort Meade due to the length of the MCF course.  Students with dependents are authorized to reside in base housing at Fort Meade or on the economy (depending on housing availability) ONLY if they elect to move dependents with them to school.  All unaccompanied students and students without dependents will reside in the Marine/Coast Guard detachment.

Billeting accommodations consist of rooms outfitted to accommodate up to four people and include a head and shower, refrigerator, microwave and lockable wardrobe (you must bring your own lock). Laundry facilities are available on site.  There is also a Coast Guard day-room/lounge for students to use to study, check Coast Guard email, watch television, etc.  NO ALCOHOL is permitted in the Marine/Coast Guard barracks.

All officer, civilian and C-School students will lodge at a local hotel with proper authorization and will receive a reporting endorsement that reflects the non-availability of government quarters. Fort Meade on-base lodging is the Candlewood Suites. (Click provided link to make reservations).  You may also utilize other local hotels.

Reserve students are not authorized to bring dependents and will reside in the Marine/Coast Guard barracks.

- A-School students should report with a full seabag.  

- All students must bring their Operational Dress Uniform and Tropical Blue Long and Service Dress Blue uniforms. 

- Public Affairs Communication Strategy Qualification Course (PACS-Q) students must also bring their Service Dress Blue uniform.  

- Extra uniforms, boots, covers, and accessories (such as rank insignia, ribbons, badges, and devices) are highly recommended as Fort Meade does not carry Coast Guard uniform items.  A-School students should order the Public Affairs Specialist Badge (patch) for their Service Dress Blue prior to arriving at Fort Meade.  Note:  The badge is only sold as E-6/PA1.  The badge is modified to reflect advancement to PA3 upon graduation of MCF. The Coast Guard Liaison staff will assist you further when the time comes to have uniforms updated.  

A-School students are authorized and encouraged to bring personally-owned vehicles.  There is parking available at the Marine/Coast Guard barracks and at DINFOS.  All non-MCF students should travel in accordance with their orders.  All privately-owned vehicles must have current registration and valid insurance, and must be properly licensed and tagged in accordance with installation regulations. 

Coast Guard students residing in the Marine/Coast Guard barracks will have the following address:

(Your Name)
8545 6th Armored Cavalry Road
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755

Mail is delivered nightly.  The lead Coast Guard student will notify you if you have mail.