Welcome Information for Coast Guard Public Affairs Course

Greetings and Congratulations on receiving orders to CGPAC!

Congratulations for being selected to attend the Coast Guard Public Affairs Course (CGPAC). The Defense Information School (DINFOS), located at Fort Meade, Maryland, is the center of excellence for training military public affairs practitioners. The Coast Guard enjoys being afforded a course of its own at DINFOS. CGPAC is entirely designed and funded by the Coast Guard with academic advising and classroom support provided by the Department of Defense. CGPAC is a training course in basic public affairs that also teaches Coast Guard members how to use those skills in the response environment.

The primary audience for CGPAC is collateral duty public affairs officers. CGPAC incorporates the instructional elements of basic public affairs and public information training to prepare students to conduct regular public affairs at the unit level and public information activities during contingency operations. The course provides students with a basic overview of public affairs techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTP) then progresses into utilizing those TTPs in public affairs exercises. The course also provides students with Joint Information Center training. The goal of CGPAC is to provide students with the basic skills to conduct everyday public affairs and be
Always Ready to conduct public information efforts during contingencies.

While the Coast Guard Public Affairs Program supports the overall external affairs mission of the Coast Guard, this course focuses heavily on media relations. Our goal is to help students understand the importance of the media and public affairs as an element of operations.

Students who receive orders to this course will be provided guidance on lodging and carpooling once orders have been issued.


All CGPAC participants will normally stay at a host hotel near Fort Meade. Contact CWO Barry Lane via email or 301-677-4427 with any questions not addressed in the welcome-aboard package.

Course Cancellation

If you have to cancel your trip to DINFOS for any reason, please send a message to the FORCECOM Training Quota Management Center (TQC) so your orders can be canceled.  If you have questions about how to do this, please contact TQC  at (757) 523-6823.

Transportation and Fort Meade Information

Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport is the closest and most convenient to Fort Meade. You’ll need to arrive Sunday to allow plenty of time to find and check in at the hotel, locate DINFOS, and prepare yourself for class..

Some – but not all – of you are authorized automobile rentals. This is intentional and random as the training budget is not large enough to authorize a vehicle for everyone. Those who are authorized vehicles will be responsible for carpooling their fellow classmates.


The uniform of the day is the ODU. Trops are required for graduation day on Friday.