Advanced Electronic Journalism Course

Welcome to the Advanced Electronic Journalism Course (AEJC). This 20-day course provides advanced visual storytelling training for experienced video producers supporting public affairs, journalism and broadcast missions throughout the armed forces. This course is difficult to complete successfully without a strong background in shooting and editing scripted television news production regularly for at least one year.  The AEJC curriculum includes training in visual communication, advanced writing, audio collection, visual theory, color correction, lighting, and audio collection.  

The training and content is benchmarked upon the National Press Photographers Association News Video Workshop, held annually in Norman, Oklahoma. Students complete a variety of assignments including off-post news features that the students coordinate from beginning to end, to include finding a subject and shooting location.

This is an advanced course and students are expected to have a strong knowledge of entry-level broadcast skills and have spent the year prior to course attendance actively shooting, writing, voicing and editing television news stories. 

Duty uniform is ABU/ACU/NWU/MCCUU. Students will observe the DINFOS policy of wearing the Class B uniform on the last Friday of the month.

All four news-production assignments are at off-post locations.  DINFOS can provide transportation only on the days of the assignments.  We highly encourage rental car authorization for students in order to conduct site surveys of locations prior to the actual videotaping and story-gathering so students can accomplish their assignments effectively. Rental vehicles are also recommended in the likely event that students are billeted off-post.

Business casual clothing (collared shirts, slacks or jeans) that presents a professional image is worn during off-post shoots. The course concludes with an informal graduation in the uniform of the day.

Students may be billeted on Ft Meade or off-post. If you opt for off-post billeting, or if there is no room on post, the cost will be borne by your unit of assignment.

Contact Ms. Nadine Stewart at Ft Meade billeting, (410) 674-7700 ext. 7272 for a reservation or to help arrange off-post billeting. If you are planning to billet on post, you are expected to check-in at billeting NLT the day prior to class. The Bachelor Housing Office hours are Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Any questions about registration or logistical requirements should go to the DINFOS Registrar at (301) 677-4691.

·         Ensure you in-process with your respective Service student detachment at least the day before class starts – even if you are not billeted there. Bring a copy of your orders.