Specific Information for Joint Intermediate Public Affairs Course (DINFOS-JIPAC)

Dear Joint Intermediate Public Affairs Course student

Welcome! JIPAC offers mid-grade Public Affairs professionals and civilian equivalents a demanding academic program designed to challenge students to think about the Public Affairs profession apart from the daily rigors of supporting the operational mission. The course is designed primarily for public affair practitioners at the Joint Task Force/Major Command level.

The course features full days of lecture and discussion and is complemented by off duty hours of academic research and writing. Class runs from 7:55 a.m. through 4 p.m. most days. There are no anticipated evening or weekend classes. Topic areas to be discussed include: communication strategies, communications research, communication planning , PA and Information Operations, PA and civil-military operations, PA and non-DoD agencies, ethics, cultural influences on communication, operations and planning, and new media.

The course also features three days of field trips. The first is a historically based "Staff Ride" to Antietam Battlefield. Please bring sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing for the season and a water bottle for this trip. The second will be to an Other Governmental Agency. Students will wear business attire (jacket and tie for men) for this trip. Students will complete several short research papers/essays as well as a communication strategy, communication plan, communication research , and presentations. Finally, the third will be to the Pentagon for the Service Unique block of the course.

Students should arrive ready to think critically and contribute to group discussion. You are welcome to bring a personal or work laptop computer and it will be helpful with out-of-class assignments but, per DoD directives, you may not use it on the DINFOS network. When you arrive you will receive a temporary network account which allows you access to the full DINFOS network to include a personal and group network drive that you can access from your quarters via the Internet. Additionally, you may not use thumb drives in any DINFOS computers.

Please provide a bio of yourself to share with your fellow students. Send a copy to george.h.sengelaub.ctr@mail.mil or bring with you on the first day of class. If you wish to begin your readings before you arrive at Fort Meade, “Landscape Turned Red, The battle of Antietam” by Steven W. Sears is the text book used for the staff ride.

Duty uniform is ABU/ACU or service equivalent. Students will observe DINFOS policy of wearing the Class B uniform on the last Friday of the month. There will be an informal graduation on the last day of the course. Please do not make airline reservations to leave the area before 1600.

You may be billeted on Fort Meade or off-post. If you billet off-post, the cost is borne by your unit of assignment. Please contact Ms. Mary Davis at Ft. Meade billeting, (410) 874-0853; mary.davis@ihg.com for a reservation or to help arrange off-post billeting. Several nice hotels are located within a short drive to Ft. Meade.

The Bachelor Housing Office hours are Monday thru Friday 0730 to 1600. Any questions about registration or logistical requirements should go to the DINFOS Registrar at (301) 677-4691.

For questions on the course content or conduct, contact Mr. Hank Sengelaub at (301) 677-4256, e-mail at George.h.sengelaub.ctr@mail.mil.

Your JIPAC Development Team