Non-Prior Service Students

Air Force Detachment 2, 336th Training Squadron

Fort George G. Meade, Maryland


Welcome from the Military Training Flight Chief: Congratulations on your completion of Basic Military Training! This is a significant achievement and you should be proud. Our overall mission at Det 2/336 TRS, is education and training; providing the Air Force with the most qualified personnel while reinforcing sound military standards and customs and courtesies. During your time here, you will be required to follow a program of military and technical training. You are expected to follow standards established to aid in your transition from Basic Military Training. Upon your arrival at Ft Meade, you will enter the transition program, which will be explained upon your arrival. The following information is provided to help make your stay at Fort Meade rewarding and productive.

Arrival at BWI


Upon your arrival at Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport, you will pick up your luggage at the Baggage Claim and proceed directly to the United Service Organization (USO) located in the airport. If a detachment member is not present upon your arrival, notify the detachment at (301) 677-4468 / 5699 / 5053. When you arrive at the detachment, you will be assigned a room and you will in-process. During your in-processing, you will receive in-depth instructions and briefings about the detachment, Fort Meade and the surrounding area. 




1.  You must have all military issued items
2.  You will march to and from class daily
3.  You will keep your dormitory room in inspection order at all times
4.  You will attend physical training three times a week



Leaves and Passes


For NPS students, leave will not be granted during the course except for emergency and special conditions. Passes or sick leave that cause students to miss scheduled training may result in dismissal from the course. NPS students must adhere to the accountability standards set by the MTLs and commander, which are briefed to each member upon arrival. See the “Leave Policy” memorandum for more details. 

Emergency Contact Information


Before leaving your duty station or immediately upon arrival, advise your family to contact the American Red Cross in case of an emergency. This method is the most expeditious means of providing family member assistance. You should also provide your family with a copy of your orders.

Personal Mail


If you would like for mail to be sent to the Detachment, use the address below. Outgoing mail can be sent from the mailbox located near the Commissary and BX for outgoing packages.

Incoming mail may be addressed as follows:


RANK, NAME (Last, First)
8478 6th Armored Cavalry Rd
STE 5137 Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-5137

Phone Use


NPS students are authorized to have their cell phones but can only use them in designated areas of DINFOS. Cell phones should not be used in the classroom, unless authorized by an instructor.

Smoking Policy

In accordance with AFI 48-104: (Tobacco Free Living)
Tobacco use shall be prohibited:
3.5.2 - "While in uniform by all students in technical training, in-residence professional military education, accession, and graduate medical education programs. Note: These education and training programs include, but are not limited to, recruiting, pre-commissioning programs (Officer Training School and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps wing), flying training, and graduate medical education (medical and dental residencies and fellowships). (T-1)."

Dining Facility

The Freedom Inn Dining Facility hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday
Breakfast: 0600-0800
Lunch: 1130-1300
Dinner: 1700-1830

Saturday - Sunday
Breakfast: 0800-0930
Lunch: 1130-1300
Dinner: 1700-1900 

Crime Prevention


Crime prevention is the responsibility of all personnel at Detachment 2. In the event of a break-in or theft, the individual suffering and/or discovering the loss should immediately report the violation to the Military Training Leader on duty and the Military Police. Any unauthorized weapons will be confiscated and could lead to dismissal from the course.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning


Washers and dryers are provided at the detachment. AAFES dry cleaning and laundry services are available at the PX.