Marine Capt. (retired) Dale Dye

Dale Dye is a native of Southeast Missouri. In 1962, he graduated as a cadet officer from Missouri Military Academy but there was no money for college so he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in January 1964. 

He served in Vietnam in 1965 and then from 1967 through 1970, surviving 31 major combat operations. He emerged from Southeast Asia highly decorated, including the Bronze Star with V for Valor and three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat. 

He spent 13 years as an enlisted Marine, primarily in Public Affairs assignments including a Pentagon tour with the American Forces Radio & TV Service in Washington, D.C. He rose to the rank of Master Sergeant  before he was chosen to attend Officer Candidate School. Appointed a Warrant Officer in 1976, one of his first assignments was Station Manager at the Far East Network radio and  TV outlet on Okinawa. 

He later converted his commission and was a Captain when he was sent to Beirut as spokesman for the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in 1982-83.  He served in a variety of other assignments around the world and along the way graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland. 

Dye worked for a year at “Soldier of Fortune” Magazine when he finally decided  to retire in 1984. He spent time in Central America, reporting and training troops in guerrilla warfare techniques in El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica before leaving ther magazine in 1985 and heading for Hollywood. 

He founded the leading military consultancy to motion pictures and television shortly thereafter and his Warriors, Inc. firm has worked on more than 50 movies and TV shows including several Academy Award and Emmy winning productions. He also founded Warriors Publishing Group, which publishes a distinguished slate of military-themed books written by veterans. Dye is a published novelist, screenwriter and director as well as a consummate character actor with appearances in many films and television productions.