Marines Detachment Reporting Procedures

All Marine students attending the Defense Information School are administratively assigned to Marine Detachment, Fort Meade and regardless of rank or duration, must check in with the Marine Detachment staff prior to the start of class.

Marine students reporting for courses that are 30 days or longer must report in the Service Alpha uniform and ensure they possess the items listed below. Students checking in during off-duty hours (Mon - Fri: 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. and Sat/Sun) must also report in the following duty day in the Service Alpha uniform to complete the check-in process: Service Record Book (SRB) or Officer Qualification Record (OQR), Medical and Dental Records, Copy of original orders, full uniform issue

Marine students must report to DINFOS no later than 7:30 a.m. on the first training day of their course, for class registration, badging, and course indoctrination.

DINFOS is a family-restricted assignment for ALL Marine students. No off-base housing is authorized for Marine students.

Uniforms and Equipment

Students attending courses that are 30 days or longer must possess all required uniforms per MCO P1020.34G, to include all service, dress, utility, and physical training uniforms and accessories.

Students attending courses that are shorter than 30 days must possess at a minimum (3) sets of the prescribed uniform of the day and (1) set of the service uniform, based on the seasonal uniform change, as well as all required PT uniforms.

Extra combat boots, covers, and accessories (such as rank insignia, ribbons, badges, and devices) are highly recommended as Fort Meade does not carry significant amounts of Marine Corps uniform items.

Students attending the Joint Intermediate Public Affairs Course need to bring a suit and tie and students attending the Joint Senior Enlisted Public Affairs Course and Joint Senior Public Affairs need to bring their Service Alpha uniform.

Uniform of the Day: is the appropriate seasonal uniform. Every Friday the appropriate service uniform (Bravos/Charlies) will be worn. The sweater is authorized at the individual Marine's discretion when wearing the Service Bravo uniform. Service Deltas will be worn on the last Friday of each month.

PT uniforms: All students must bring with them the following physical training items regardless of season: (a) green-on-green PT gear (no markings/art), (b) sweat tops and bottoms, (c) watch caps and gloves, (d) yellow reflective belt, and (e) mouthpiece.

Equipment: All Marine students will be issued 782 gear upon checking in, to include Individual Load Bearing Equipment w/camelbaks and Goretex cold weather jackets/trousers (seasonal). Personal laptops and other electronic devices are authorized.


The detachment is located at:

8545 6th Armored Cavalry Road
Fort Meade, MD

Directly adjacent to the Freedom Inn Dining Facility.

Additional Transporation Information and Directions

Entry-level Marine students are not authorized to bring, operate or ride in personally owned vehicles while at DINFOS. Fleet returnee Marines (to include SNCOs and officers) are authorized to bring their privately owned vehicles to DINFOS provided they receive authorization from their parent command and the vehicle is properly licensed and tagged in accordance with installation regulations.

Billeting and Mess

All students with the rank of sergeant or below must reside in the Marine Detachment barracks, located in Bldg 8545. NCO students will be assigned billeting in the NCO wing, while entry-level students will be billeted in the junior Marines spaces. Billeting accommodations consist of either two- or three-person rooms with a community head and showers. Laundry facilities are available on each deck.

All officer and SNCO students will reside in the base Bachelor Officer Quarters or Bachelor Enlisted Quarters or at a local hotel with proper authorization. SNCOs with unfunded orders may reside in Building 8545. The number for on-base bachelor quarters reservations is: 410-674-7700, ext. 7278 or ext. 7272. If billeting is not available on base and they cannot provide a letter of non-availability, your parent command or the Marine Detachment can provide a letter.

For those students residing in bachelor quarters, you must be financially prepared to pay your hotel bill in 30-day increments immediately following the first month of your stay. Use of a government travel card and filing of interim travel vouchers through your parent command are highly recommended.

All Marine students who are issued a meal card will use the Freedom Inn Dining Facility for messing.

Physical Training

The Marine Detachment runs a challenging combat conditioning program designed to improve each Marine’s combat fitness and prepare them for the rigors of service. Combat conditioning sessions are conducted Monday through Friday at 0500, with remedial conditioning on Saturdays at 0800. The typical monthly training schedule consists of cardiovascular, speed, agility, plyometrics, Combat and Physical Fitness Test, conditioning hikes, and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program sustainment and upgrade training events.

Height, Weight, and Fitness Standards

All Marine students reporting to DINFOS will take an initial Physical Fitness Test and height and weight measurement upon their arrival. Fleet returnees (to include SNCOs and officers) found to be over Marine Corps height/weight standards will be immediately returned to their parent command. Entry-level students will be assigned to the remedial conditioning and body composition programs.

The Marine Detachment conducts regular weigh-ins, and all students must maintain height/weight and body fat/military appearance standards at all times.

Student Mailing Address

Marine Detachment Fort Meade
Attn: (Your Name)
8545 6th Armored Cavalry Road
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755