U.S. Coast Guard School Detachment

Commercial Transportation
Directions to the post can be found at here.

The airport closest to DINFOS is Baltimore/Washington International and should be the first one you look into when making flight arrangements.

There are several commercial transportation services available from the airport or train station if you are not authorized a rental car or do not want to drive your own vehicle here. Taxi service will almost always cost you more than one of the flat-rate shuttle services so please consider all options and ensure your orders are correct before traveling. Be sure to retain all transportation receipts.

  If you will be driving a vehicle on post, whether it is a government vehicle, privately owned or rental, it must be registered. Rental cars may be issued a temporary pass to enter the various Ft. Meade gates. Information on vehicle registration can be found

DINFOS is located at 6500 Mapes Road between Taylor and Zimborski avenues. The Marine Student Detachment is located at 8607 6th Armored Cavalry Rd. Post Billeting (Brett Hall) is located at 4707 Ruffner road

Gate/Entry information.
  Fort Meade has four gates that are open during work days. The Reese Rd., Mapes Rd. and Rockenbach Rd. gates are located off Maryland Highway 175 (Annapolis Rd.). There is also a Mapes Rd. gate located at the Maryland Highway 198 (Fort Meade Rd.) and Maryland Highway 32 junction that can be used on weekdays. The Main Gate on Reece Rd., is the only gate open at night and on weekends.

  When parking in the lot directly behind DINFOS please ensure you are parking in the designated student area. There are small, but easily locatable signs in the parking lot that will direct you to the appropriate parking areas. The parking lot along Zimborski Ave., is also open to students, but also has a few reserved spot for the student detachment command. Please ensure you do not park in these spots if you choose to park in this lot.