U.S. Coast Guard School Detachment Billeting

Enlisted members attending the Basic Public Affairs Specialist Course (PA “A” School): All "A" school students will be billeted at the Marine Student Detachment located at 8607 6th Armored Cavalry Road (across the street from DINFOS).

Enlisted member attending "C" schools: Billeting will vary depending on which course you are attending and what is permitted by your orders. As of FY10, all PAs and PAOs attending DINFOS “C” schools (with the exception of CGPAC) receive lodging in either the Fort Meade Post Billeting or in a local hotel. There are not enough rooms in Post Billeting to meet the DINFOS demand, and since rooms there are half the price of those off post, priority is given to students attending longer courses. All “C” school students will receive the proportional meal rate. The Proportional Meal rate is authorized when at least one meal/day can be eaten at a government dining facility. If a student stays in a hotel or is attending IPC the student will be authorized a rental car.