U.S. Army Signal School Detachment Additional Info

There are many opportunities to excel in Student Company. The company's student load is around 400 Soldiers at any given time. The company has only a few Platoon Sergeants, so we depend greatly upon student leadership. You can expect to hold a squad leader position once during your tour. The best and brightest are chosen to be platoon guides, same as a platoon sergeant.

Reverves or National Guard

Build up a cash reserve just in case Active Duty for Training pay does not kick in the first month (NG and Reserve). All active duty for training pay is electronic. You must have sure pay and a bank account. Also, if you are married or have dependents, bring that documentation with you so we can ensure that you receive Family Separation Pay (30 days+) and Basic Allowance for Housing (if you are here more than 140 days). The Reserve Finance Office needs true or certified copies of marriage and birth certificates. Ensure you training NCO have booked you for class using ATRRS.

Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)

MOS I – IET Soldiers (initial entry) – are not authorized to bring POVs without authorization from the USASSD Company Commander, which would only be at Phase 5+ (min. 13 weeks).

MOS T – Prior Service (reclassification) – are authorized to bring POVs and utilize them.

PAQC Students (Senior Leader Courses) – are encouraged to bring POVs. If arriving outside of the Fort Meade area students should ensure that Rental Car authorization in their orders prior arriving to USASSD. Non-IET soldiers maintain all the rights and privileges of permanent party personnel. You may own and operate a POV. You may take passes on the weekend and visit the many sites there are to see in the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area. You are required to fill out a pass form if you choose to leave the B/W area. The company requires you to have a traveling companion when traveling more than 300 miles on a weekend by POV. IET soldiers receive "phase" privileges IAW TRADOC Regulation 350-6 and 15th Regimental Signal Brigade policy. Soldiers just arriving to Student Company will be placed in semi locked down status, similar to the environment in Basic Combat Training. As students achieve different milestones in their training at Student Company, they are rewarded with more privileges. Near the end of training at Student Company and DINFOS, a soldier should earn privileges similar to permanent party soldiers.

Personal Mail

Incoming mail may be addressed as follows:

RANK, NAME (Last, First) MOS / Course
8606 6th Armored Cavalry Road
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-5155

Outgoing letters can be sent out from the mailbox located at the entrance of DINFOS parking lot.

Telephone Services

Use of cell phones is limited to personal time. Students are not authorized to bring cell phones to class while attending DINFOS. For emergency situations, authorization from USASSD 1SG must be obtained first. Emergency telephone calls from family members should be through the American Red Cross to the USASSD at (301) 677-6167.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Quartermaster Laundry Service is not available on Fort Meade. Washers and dryers are provided at billeting. AAFES dry cleaning and laundry services are available on post, if desired. Facilities are located at the PX/Commissary Town Center.

Banking Facilities

There are two banking facilities on Fort Meade, the Fort Meade Federal Credit Union and Citizen National Bank. These facilities do not normally cash checks without an established account. ATM machines are located inside DINFOS, at the auto teller, between the commissary and bowling alley, and the 24 hours Shoppette. Check cashing is available at the Post Exchange.

Leaves and Passes

Leaves will not be granted during the course unless under emergency and special conditions.

Passes that cause students to be absent from scheduled training may result in dismissal from the course. Passes are required when leaving the Fort Meade area 250 miles or greater.


Smoking can have a negative impact on the readiness of a Soldier’s health, immensely impair physical fitness, and can cause chronic illness; therefore, it is discouraged by USASSD Staff. Students will smoke only in designated areas. Smoking indoors within the barracks (building 8606 or IHG Lodging) and billeting is prohibited.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is the responsibility of all personnel assigned or attached to the USASSD. In the event of a break-in or theft, the individual suffering and/or discovering the loss should immediately report the violation to the Platoon Sergeant on duty and the Military Police. Any unauthorized weapons will be confiscated and could lead to dismissal from the course.