Title: International Military Student Office


The mission of the International Military Student Office is to provide for and coordinate the total support of International Military Students during their training at the Defense Information School. The support requirements include: administrative, academic, financial, educational (Field Studies Program - FSP), social, and personal and cultural considerations. The International Military Student Officer (IMSO) serves as the central point of contact for all international issues.

International Military Students must report to the International Military Student Office in Building 6500. room 210, Mapes Rd., Fort Meade, Md.

Under the Security Assistance Training Program, allied countries send students to DINFOS as part of an ongoing effort to enhance the knowledge, skills, and the professionalism of their forces. The goal of this program is to: Foster the foreign country’s development of its own professional/technical training capability; Promote the U.S. military rapport with armed forces of the foreign country; Promote a better understanding of the United States, its people, political system, institutions and way of life; and Increase awareness of the United States’ Commitment to the basic principles of human rights.

Foreign nationals working for the U.S. Government and attending DINFOS as civilian students are assigned to a Service Component and are under the purview of the Commandant. All international students and foreign nationals working for the U.S. must meet the same qualifications and are held to the same instructional standards as their U.S. counterparts.


Location and Contact Information


6500 Mapes Road, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5620
Chief, International Military Student Office


(301) 677-2020
DSN: 622-2020


Mr. Rivers J. Johnson Jr.