*Updated, March 25*


The Defense Information School is closely monitoring news and information concerning the local and global health situation around the outbreak of a novel (new) coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory disease. There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases at DINFOS at this time.

Based on updated DOD travel restrictions issued March 13, 2020, course updates are effective immediately. DINFOS will continue to conduct all required initial occupational MOS or qualification training as well as any courses that are already in session.


 DINFOS has cancelled the following courses:

- Content Management Course (CMC 020-20, April 27 - May 26) 

- Digital Multimedia Course (DMC 020-20, April 1 - May 21)

- Intermediate Public Affairs Specialist Course (IPASC 020-20, March 16 - March 27)

- Intermediate Public Affairs Specialist Course  (IPASC 030-20, May 4 - May 15)

- Intermediate Motion Media Courses (IMMC 030-20, March 16 -April 17)  

- Joint Contingency Public Affairs Course (JCPAC 030-20, April 6 - April 17)

- Joint Contingency Public Affairs Course (JCPAC 040-20, July 6 - July 17)

- Joint Intermediate Public Affairs Course (JIPAC 020-20, April 27 - June 4)

- Mass Communication Foundations - Broadcast Journalism (MCF-BJ 010-20, May 4 -June 9)

- Mass Communication Foundations - Writing (MCF-W 010-20, May 6 -May 19) 


DINFOS has rescheduled the following courses:

- Intermediate Photojournalism Course (IPC 030-20, rescheduled to May 13 - July 17)

- Public Affairs Qualification Course-ADL-Resident (010-20, rescheduled to July 6 - July 17)

- Public Affairs Qualification Course-ADL-Resident (020-20, rescheduled to July 27 - Aug 7) 


DINFOS will continue to host the following courses:

- Broadcast Radio and Television Systems Maintenance (BRTSM 010-20 and 020-20 - in session)

- Broadcast Television and Equipment Maintenance (BTVEM 010-20 through 030-20)

- Content Management Course-Distance Learning (CMC-DL 010-20 -in session)

- Mass Communication Foundations (MCF 010-20 through 180-20)

- MCF-Visual Documentation (MCF-VD, including VD-P, VD-V 010-20  April 20 - May 21)

- MCF-Graphic Design (MCF-GD 010-20,  April 20 - May 21)

**Public Affairs Qualification Course (PAQC 030-20, April 7 - June 12)

- Public Affairs Qualification ADL-Non-Resident Course 010-20 (in session)

- Visual Information Management-Distance Learning (VIM-DL) 010-20 (in-session)

DINFOS will continue to coordinate with our Service partners to make a determination on other FY20 schedule changes as DoD guidance is received. The situation remains fluid, and we’ll do our best to keep our staff, faculty, students and the rest of the field informed on future changes.

** DINFOS will host PAQC 030-20 iteration scheduled to start 7 April for students who will be authorized to travel for required initial qualification training. DINFOS will work with the Services to identify those who qualify, and make appropriate changes to student registration statuses by March 25.  Students currently registered should check with their commands as to whether they meet the requirements for their Service.

 As health and safety conditions force us to adjust our operations, our priorities at DINFOS remain 100 percent aligned with the Department of Defense:

1) Protect service members and their families
2) Safeguard mission capabilities
3) Support the interagency

Per the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 Travel Restriction guidance, students reporting from OCONUS CDC Level 2 and 3 Travel Health Notice countries for PAQC 030-20, are authorized 14-day early reporting for the purpose of CDC-recommended self quarantine.

Funding for lodging and per diem during the 14-day self-monitoring period should be covered by the individual Service training command or the member’s home unit.

For the purpose of DoD travel restrictions, Level 2 status applies only to students traveling internationally. CONUS travel requires no 14-day period of self monitoring.

For inquiries, please email dma.meade.dinfos.list.registrar@mail.mil.