*Updated May 5, 2021*

The Defense Information School continues to closely monitor news and information concerning the local and global health situation around the outbreak of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory disease. 

Based on DOD travel restrictions updated for 2021, DINFOS continues to conduct required initial occupational MOS or qualification training.

Restriction of Movement (ROM)

Like other Service and DoD training institutions, the Defense Information School (DINFOS) has had to adjust operations over the past year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we resume in-residence training, DINFOS will host students from various states and countries; we must ensure the health and safety of all our students, staff and faculty. Based on current health conditions, and in coordination with Fort Meade leadership, public health experts, and Service directives, DINFOS will require some students to report early for a Restriction of Movement (ROM) and COVID-19 test.

Restriction of Movement (ROM) is defined as limiting movement of an individual or group to prevent or diminish the transmission of a communicable disease, including limiting ingress and egress to, from, or on a military installation; and may include isolation; quarantine and conditional release.

The pre-course portion of the ROM will also include a COVID-19 test which must come back negative prior to the student starting class. 

If you are scheduled to attend DINFOS' initial entry training (IET) courses - Basic Television Equipment Maintenance Course (BTVEM) and Mass Communication Foundations Course (MFC) - please consult the ROM Letter instructions below. 

If you are scheduled to attend any other DINFOS courses (outside BTVEM and MFC) - please consult the general ROM Letter instructions below. 

Additional Course Information

DINFOS continues to hold the following courses during the DoD travel ban:

- Broadcast Television and Equipment Maintenance*

- Mass Communication Foundations Course*

- MCF-Visual Documentation

- MCF - Visual Documentation - Photography

- MCF - Visual Documentation - Videography

- MCF - Broadcast Journalism

- MCF - Writing

*These courses have a mandated 14-day restriction of movement (ROM) prior to the class report date. Contact student's service detachments for more information. 

- Combat Camera Leadership Course (will be conducted as distance learning)

A list of the rest of our current courses can be found on our Course Catalog page, here.

2021 Course Updates

In residence:

Basic Television Equipment Maintenance Course (BTVEM) 040, 050
14-day ROM - see course page for start dates

Content Management Course (CMC) 020 
Start Date: April 26; 8-day ROM will begin April 18

Digital Multimedia Course (DMC) 010
Start Date: May 11; 8-day ROM will begin May 3

Intermediate Motion Media Course (IMMC) 030
Start Date: March 15; 8-day ROM will begin March 7
class size reduced from 16 to 12 students 

IMMC 040
Start Date: May 17; 8-day ROM will begin May 9
Class size reduced from 16 to 12 students

Intermediate Photojournalism Course (IPC) 020
Start Date 8 March; 8 day ROM will begin Feb 27

IPC 030-21
Start Date: May 10;  8-day ROM will begin on May 2
Class size reduced from 18 to 9 students; course accelerated to end on July 2

Joint Intermediate Public Affairs Course (JIPAC) 020
Start Date: April 19; 8-day ROM will begin April 11

Mass Communication Foundations Course (MCF) iterations 190 – 290
14-day ROM - see course page for start dates

MCF Graphic Design 050, 060
8-day ROM - see course page for start dates

MCF Visual Documentation 050, 060
8-day ROM - see course page for start dates

MCF - Writing 030-21 
Start Date: May 17; 8-day ROM will begin May 9

MCF - Broadcast Journalism 040-21 
Start Date: April 5; 8-day ROM will begin Mar 28

MCF - Broadcast Journalism 050-21 
Start Date: May 24; 8-day ROM will begin May 16

Public Affairs & Communication Strategy Qualification Course (PACS-Q) 030 
Start Date: April 6; 8-day ROM will begin Mar 28

Public Affairs Course for International Students (PACIS) 010
Start Date: May 24

Virtual Course - Courses converted to virtual instruction

Joint Contingency Public Affairs Course (JCPAC) 020 (22 Feb - 5 Mar)   

JCPAC 030 ( 22 Mar - 2 Apr) 

Intermediate Public Affairs Specialist Course (IPASC) 020 (22 Feb - 5 Mar)  

Distance Learning

Combat Camera Leadership Course (CCLC) 010-21 (April 12 – 23) 
Course converted to DL and extended one week to May 4

Content Management Course (CMC) -DL  010 (1 Feb - 31 Mar)   

Intermediate Public Affairs Specialist Course (IPASC) 030 (May 3 – 14) 
Students will attend virtual instruction daily.

Visual Information Management Course (VIM) - 030 (June 20 – July 1) 
Course converted to DL. Allocations will increase from 24 to 36. Fair share will be emailed separately


Coast Guard Public Affairs Course (CGPAC) 020 (June 21 – 25)

DINFOS will continue to coordinate with our Service partners to make a determination on other FY21 schedule changes as DoD guidance is received. The situation remains fluid, and we’ll do our best to keep our staff, faculty, students and the rest of the field informed on future changes.


As health and safety conditions force us to adjust our operations, our priorities at DINFOS remain 100 percent aligned with the Department of Defense:

1) Protect service members and their families
2) Safeguard mission capabilities
3) Support the interagency

Per the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 Travel Restriction guidance, students reporting from OCONUS CDC Level 2 and 3 Travel Health Notice countries are authorized 14-day early reporting for the purpose of CDC-recommended self quarantine.

Funding for lodging and per diem during the 14-day self-monitoring period should be covered by the individual Service training command or the member’s home unit.

CONUS travel may require a 14-day self-monitoring period. 

For inquiries, please email: registrar@dinfos.edu.