Registrar and Admissions

The Defense Information School provides entry level and advanced training in public affairs, journalism, photojournalism, broadcasting, graphics, electronic imaging, broadcast systems maintenance, video production and visual information management. Instruction is provided to all military, civilians, officers and enlisted personnel from all branches of the armed forces to prepare them for worldwide assignments within the Department of Defense.  U.S. civilian employees and international military and civilian students are also eligible to attend DINFOS. 

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact the Registrar and Quota Management or Academics Division.




The Defense Information School does not directly enroll students into courses. Military and DoD civilians will request courses their Service or Civilian Personnel/Training Office.. All International Military students are enrolled through Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA). Non-DoD federal agencies must enroll through their Education and Training Office. For additional information, please contact the registrar’s office, 301-677-4343 or via email


DINFOS operates on a fiscal year schedule from October 1st to September 30th. All courses offered after October 1st of a particular year are considered part of the next fiscal year.

For example, if a course begins Oct 1, 2019, it is listed under FY 2020. The class schedule can be found by clicking on Academics and fiscal year.



Waiver Procedures


Waivers are initiated by the requestor and routed through the Services’ Career Field or Quota Managers.  The requestor will email the waiver memo directly to the Academic Records office. Academic Records will process and route the waiver to DINFOS leadership and final approving authority. Once a decision is made, Academic Records will notify the requestor.


Waiver Type Suspense
Course Preresquisite Waiver NLT 30 working days prior to class start date
Voice Audition Waiver NLT 3 working days prior to class start date
GT Score Waiver NLT 3 working days prior to class start date




There is no tuition for military members or DoD civilians. All others will be calculated on a by-course basis, please contact the for additional information.

Absence Policy


Students attending DINFOS training should avoid absences during scheduled instruction. Students will coordinate with department leadership when there are appointments or emergencies. Absences of more than one academic day for other than medical reasons, must be approved by the DOT.  Each request will be reviewed individually.


Service Detachment Check-in


Refer to the Student Information tab for your specific service procedures or contact information.


First Day Expectations


On the class start day, please report to DINFOS, located at 6500 Mapes Road, Room 2161, no later than 7:55 a.m. for in-processing. For civilians- bring copies of your orders, for authorization to use the Post Exchange and dining facility.

The first day will include a welcome by the commandant and course coordinator, along with registration and small group introductions. If you are an incoming student who has questions about uniform wear, location, time of reporting or other service related issues, please contact the appropriate student detachment




For those who have a vehicle, student parking is in the parking lot across the street from the school (Zimborski Avenue) and also available behind the school building. You will use the student entrance off Zimborski Avenue. Once through the doors, check the television behind the front desk find the appropriate room.