Visual Information Management Course 2019 schedule and prerequisites


Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD


Class Schedule FY: 2019



Report Date

Start Date

End Date

Class Type


14 Jul 2019

15 Jul 2019

26 Jul 2019



Course Description

The Visual Information Management Course provides in-depth training in the duties required to manage visual information operations. Students apply doctrine and policy during seminars and practical exercises to the management of VI operations. Subjects covered are: overview of VI within the Department of Defense including policy, doctrine and ethics; VI production process and VI support for contingencies, joint operations, information operations, and combat camera operations.


Prerequisites for Course DINFOS-VIM


Verifiable Prerequisites

There are no Prerequisites in the Verifiable Prerequisites section. See other sections.


Prerequisite Courses

There are no Prerequisites in the Prerequisite Courses section. See other sections.


Text Prerequisites


U.S. Army:


· Officer:

O-2 through O-4

· Enlisted:

E-6 through E-9 25Z

· Civilian:

GS-09 through G S-13 (10XX Series)

U.S. Air Force:


· Officer:

O-1 through O-4 35XX

· Enlisted:

E-6 through E-9 3N0XX

· Civilian:

GS-09 through GS-13 (10XX Series)

U.S. Marine Corps:


· Officer:

O-1 through O-5 4302 4503 4603

· Enlisted:

E-5 through E-9 43XX 45XX 46XX

· Warrant Officer:

W-1 through W-2 4302 45 03 4603

· Civilian:

GS-07 through GS-14

U.S. Coast Guard:


· Officer:

O-1 through O-4

· Enlisted:

E-5 through E-9 PA

· Warrant Officer:

W-2 through W-4

· Civilian:

GS-09 through G S-14


International students attending this course will be from the defense ministries of nations operating within the SATFA framework. Students must have an English Comprehension Level (ECL) of 75 and be in a VI/PA Communications career field.


Interagency students must be GS-09 to GS-14 civilians in one of the following career services: 1035, 1060, 1071, 1084.