U.S. Coast Guard School Detachment In Processing

In-Processing (BPASC)

No later than one week prior to your arrival, notify the Coast Guard Liaison Office of your expected arrival and reporting-in date at (301) 677-3325/4947. Upon your arrival at Fort Meade you will report to the Marine Student Detachment. Coast Guard BPASC students are guests in the Marine Corps barracks here. You are expected to uphold our Core Values and professionalism during your time here. You will receive more information on expectations while you are a guest at the MARDET during your check-in. You will be issued a room and linen for your bedding at the MARDET. On the next work day, you will report in your Service Dress Blue uniform to Room 2150 at the DINFOS. You will sound off, “Student on deck! (Your Name) here to see Coast Guard detachment staff member.” Remain at the entrance until prompted to do otherwise. During your in-processing, you will receive in-depth information and briefings about the MARDET, Fort Meade and the surrounding area.


  1. BPASC students will arrive with all standard issue sea bag items
  2. You will report to the CG Detachment leading seaman every day for accountability.
  3. Keep your barracks room clean and organized at all times.
  4. Physical fitness plans will be followed with 20 points minimum accumulated each week.


Upon arrival, selected BPASC students may be placed on a two-week probationary period. This allows for adjustment back into a regimented training environment. During that time, students may not leave Fort Meade. Once the two-week probationary period expires, you will meet with the Coast Guard Liaison Office staff. If you have demonstrated responsible work ethics in class and in the MARDET you will be granted off base privileges.

In Processing (All non-BPASC students) All TDY students not enrolled in BPASC must reserve lodging through the Fort Meade Lodging Office: (310) 622-6529. If lodging is not available you must obtain a waiver from the Fort Meade Lodging Office to provide your unit yeoman in order to have off-post lodging authorized. Priority for lodging on Fort Meade is given to students attending longer courses, such as IPC. If you are arriving in a rental car or vehicle without a military decal you must report to the Reece Road Gate Visitor Control Center (off Hwy. 175) to obtain a decal or temporary pass. If arriving by air, students should take a taxi from the airport to the Army Lodge billeting office, located at 2793 Hawkins Drive (approximately $25 reimbursable) When time allows, on the first class day, bring a copy of your orders to the Coast Guard Liaison Office staff in Room 2150 at DINFOS.