Faculty Training & Development Office (FTDO)

The Faculty Training and Development Office (FTDO) is the center for all faculty training and supports the school's goal of sustaining DINFOS as a premier accredited military/government training center and sought-after assignment for faculty and staff. From initial instructor training and certification to the Master Instructor and Instructor of the Year programs, the FTDO staff coaches and supports instructors throughout their tours at DINFOS.

When instructors arrive for duty, we introduce them to the fundamentals of effective teaching during our 15-day Instructor Training Course. The course focuses on the basics of developing lesson plans, creating an active learning environment, and delivering content in an engaging way. After students graduate, we coordinate and lead classroom observations to complete their instructor certification.

Once certified, instructors can take advantage of several professional development opportunities. Whether it's individual coaching, a lunchtime seminar or the master instructor program, FTDO provides several options for improving delivery techniques and training strategies.

Faculty Developers

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