Service Detachments



The US Army Detachment is the home to all soldiers, Army Officers and DA Civilians (National Guard, Reserves and Regular Army) attending courses at the Defense Information School (DINFOS). Because DINFOS is a Department of Defense (DoD) asset, it is Student Company's task to insure that Army standards are met during your training at Fort Meade. Student Company will administer all APFTs, conduct random Alcohol and Drug dependency testing, perform Common Task Testing (CTT) and respond to all students administrative needs.


Marine Corps

The Marine Corps Combat Camera and Public Affairs communities represent a very special group of warriors among our Corps. We are warriors first and foremost, but we also carry the crucial responsibility of telling the story of our Corps to the world. At no other time in our Corps' history have our skills been more in demand and more relevant to our Corps' efforts in fighting terrorism.



Detachment DINFOS is part of the Center for Service Support, located in Athens, Georgia, and falls under the Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC). The Detachment is responsible for the Navy Military Training Program (NMT), which provides additional military guidance to assist Sailors from boot camp graduation through their first 12 months in the Navy.


Air Force

The Defense Information School (DINFOS) is a DoD training environment with all services providing students and instructors. The primary responsibility of Detachment 2, 336th Training Squadron, is to TAKE CARE OF ALL AIR FORCE STUDENTS attending DINFOS. These responsibilities include providing support in the areas of lodging, meals, administration, and logistics. My detachment staff members are dedicated and highly trained to ensure your success at DINFOS. My full faith and confidence rests in their ability to provide the best customer service to you.


Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard Liaison Office exists to support your training needs in and out of the classroom. If you are a class “A” or class “C” school student, please contact us with any questions prior to reporting for training. The Coast Guard has enjoyed a decades-long partnership with the DoD in training some of the best public affairs practitioners in the world. We look forward to working with you and setting you on a path to professional greatness.



The mission of the International Military Student Office is to provide for, or coordinate, the total support of International Military Students during their training at DINFOS. The support requirements include administrative, academic, educational (Field Studies Program (FSP)), social, and personal needs.