U.S. Navy School Detachment Student Guidelines

The goal of the detachment is to ensure all Sailors are prepared and provided every opportunity to excel, academically and professional during their stay at the Navy detachment.

Uniform Requirements



A-school students are required to have a full sea bag to include reserve service members.

C-school students are required to have a ‘seasonal sea bag’(at least one dress uniform, one service uniform, min of two working uniforms, and Navy PT uniform). Dress uniform is worn on graduation; ensure it is the correct one for the season. The Fort Meade uniform shifts are in May and September, plan appropriately.






Everyone is invited to join the detachment PT. A-school students will PT three times a week at 0445 and will be weighed-in upon arrival. C-school students who appear to be out of standards will also be weighed-in upon check-in. Those C-school students found to be out of standards will be required to attend Physical Fitness training with the A school students five days a week.


A-school students are the only students authorized to relocate dependents to the area.

Privately owned vehicles (POV)


All POV's brought to A or C school must be properly registered and insured for admittance onto Fort Meade. All drivers must have a valid state driver's license. The Reece Road vehicle entrance is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DOD decals are no longer required or issued on Fort Meade.

C School


C-school muster will be held every Monday at 0700 hours at the detachment. C-school students will be required to stand duty (CDO/ACDO). Weekday duty begins at the end of the school day (about 1630 hours) and secures at 0800 hours.  Weekend duty begins at 0700 hours. Duty averages 2 to 3 watches per month.



Detachment Contact Information

MTI office: 301-677-5112 
Quarter Deck:
301-677-6287 (Official calls only)
Senior Enlisted Leader: 301-677-6283
Admin: 301-677-6285 
Legal: 301-677-6286 DSN prefix: 622