U.S. Army Signal School Detachment In/Out Processing


Enlisted Soldier In-Processing

When in-processing, all students will have in their possessions the following materials:

Medical and Dental records  for MOS-I and MOS-T that are TDY in route  (unless assigned to Fort Meade; Fort Meade records remain in their respective clinics).
Verification of 6-month retain ability upon graduation
Identification tags and identification card
10 Copies of TDY orders with MTSS funding specified
DA Form 31 (leave form) if applicable
A copy of DA Form 3349, permanent profile with all PEB/MMRB paperwork (PAQC only)
Soldiers with Temporary Profiles will not be allowed to attend the course.
All waivers required to attend training at DINFOS

Advanced Course In-Processing

All Army Reserve officers and NCOs will receive a DA Form 1059. All Army Reserve are required to be screened for height/weight compliance in accordance with AR 600-9. The HT/WT screening will take place within 0-72 hours of arrival.

All PAQC, PAQC-ADL-R, BPASC-ADL-R, BRTSM, regardless of component will do an initial HT/WT screening. They will also conduct HT/WT screening within seven days of taking the Army Physical Fitness Test.



Out-processing is different for each course the MOS-T and/or Senior Platoon Sergeant will brief each class about out-processing procedures.