U.S. Army Signal School Detachment MTSS Info/Order

Important Information Regarding your Meals and Lodging

All Army personnel who are attending DINFOS in student status are required participants in the Military Training Service Support program or MTSS. This program will pay for all lodging and meal expenses while you are on student status at Ft. Meade as indicated on your orders.

Your orders need to read the following statement in order for you to be properly enrolled in this program: "Government meals and lodging are available and directed at no cost to the Soldier. Early arrivals of more than three (3) days are not authorized."

* It is very important that your orders read with the above statement in order for your meals and lodging to be paid for by the Army! It will also eliminate hassles for you later with having to do amendments for your orders.

Additional Information Regarding MTSS

As a Non-Initial Entry trainee assigned to Fort Meade for training at the Defense Information School (DINFOS), you qualify for the Military Training Service Support (MTSS) program. Under this program, lodging and meals are available and directed at no cost to the Soldier. Ranks of E-1 to E-7 are lodged in Army Lodging pending completion of barracks renovations. Meals will fall under the MTSS-7 program, which pays for all meals, seven days per week. Per Diem and any other form of reimbursement for lodging and/or meals is not authorized. An early arrival of more than three (3) days is not authorized. Use of government travel cards for the purchase of lodging and meals while in attendance of a military course at the Defense Information School is not authorized. Travel vouchers will not be filed for the purpose of reimbursement of lodging and/or meal costs during the orders period at Ft. Meade. The reimbursement coverage period under the MTSS program will be the duration of the orders period for the purpose of military training at the Defense Information School. Travel vouchers may be filed at your next permanent duty station (PDS) or the station of departation upon your completion of training. You will not have to file travel vouchers monthly. *Under the MTSS program, use of the dining facilities is mandatory 7 days per week while you are on orders at Ft. Meade. You will not get reimbursed for any meals you purchase. Present your orders in the DFAC as the payment method. A class roster will be issued to the DFAC once attendees are verified. Lodging information for NON-IETs: Report to the USASSD Staff Duty for lodging instructions.

*Make sure you let the clerk know your lodging expenses will be paid for through the MTSS program. Lodging information for NON-IETs who are SSG and below: Report to building 8606 6th Armored Cavalry Road, Ft. Meade. You will need to do an initial in-processing with the duty platoon sergeant and you will be assigned bedding and a room.