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The school provides entry level and advanced training in public affairs, journal­ism, photojournalism, broadcasting, graphics, electronic imaging, broadcast sys­tems maintenance, video production and visual information management. In­struction is provided to officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees of all branches of the armed forces to prepare them for worldwide assignments within The Department of Defense.

DINFOS operates on a fiscal year schedule from October 1st to September 30th. All courses offered after October 1st of a particular year are considered part of the next fiscal year.

Enrollment: The Defense Information School does not enroll students directly. All DoD military and civilian students must enroll by their service or Civilian Personnel Office. Other federal agencies must enroll through their Education and Training Office. All International Military students are enrolled through Se­curity Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA).

Tuition: There isn't’ tuition for military members or DOD civilians. All others will be calculated on a case by case basis by our office.

Early Release: The process is that you send your memo detailing the number of days the student will be out on leave or leaving early, attach the message and we make every effort to expedite as soon as it gets to RQM. We know that we need to get the students out of here ASAP, but before we do, we need to ensure every­one is aware of the ramifications of missed training time, making sure the de­partments have a plan for the student upon their return and if the number of days leave taken exceeds that which can be remediated, then your staff and the stu­dent will be aware prior to their departure.

Waiver Procedures:

DINFOS Commandant, Deputy Commandant or Director of Staff are the approval authorities on all Services’s waiver requests, also known as “Exception to Policy” requests.

Waivers are approved through Services’s chain of command, but final authority for their personnel to attend DINFOS courses rests with DINFOS approval. Waivers are requested by Services’s Career Field or Quota Managers and submitted to the respective service detachment. Service detachments prepare the waiver package for coordination and submit to RQM, please see suspense information below. All waiver request received after the deadlines below will be returned to the respective service detachment. In addition, a copy of prerequisites printed from ATRRS Portal, the Service waiver request, and any other pertinent data for DINFOS coordination. Offices included on the DINFOS Form 101 are Service Chiefs (see enclosed documents), Service Detachment, RQM, the department that teaches the course, DOT Admin, Director of Training (DOT), Command Group Administration (CMG ADMIN) and the Director of Staff and in-turn to RQM for action.

Waiver Type: Suspense:
Course Prerequisite Waiver NLT 30 working days prior to class start date
Voice Audition Waiver NLT 3 working days prior to class start date
GT Score Waiver NLT 3 working days prior to class start date

Contact Us: If you have questions or comments on the schedules, please contact the Registrar and Quota Management Section, ATRRS branch.