Joint Intermediate Public Affairs Course 2019 schedule and prerequisites


Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD


Class Schedule FY: 2019



Report Date

Start Date

End Date

Class Type


09 Oct 2018

10 Oct 2018

20 Nov 2018



12 May 2019

13 May 2019

20 Jun 2019




Course Description

The JIPAC course provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of a public affairs practitioner at the operational level. Particular emphasis is on PA professionals who will be performing duties as part of a deployed Joint Task Force. The scope of this training includes classroom discussion, guest speakers, and field trips.


Prerequisites for Course DINFOS-JIPAC


Verifiable Prerequisites

Prerequisite Item Value(s) or Range Constraint

Course Security Clearance F - SECRET Required


Prerequisite Courses

The Student must satisfy any one of the following Prerequisite Course Solution Sets:

Students must have graduated from course:



Text Prerequisites

Previous education/training requirements for all civilians and services: The candidate must be a graduate of one of the following DINFOS courses: DINFOS-PAQC; DINFOS-PAQC-ADL-NR/R. These course prerequisites are in addition to the service prerequisites listed below. If the prospective student does not meet the DINFOS course prerequisites, then the service must submit a waiver through the DINFOS Registrar's Office for approval by the DINFOS Commandant.


U.S. Army:


· Officer:

O-3 through O-5

· Enlisted:

E-7 and above - Must have completed required PME level.

· Civilian:

GS-11 through GS-14 - Students must be in 1035, 0301 (strategic communication positions) and 1001 series with Deputy Senior Civilian Advisor/Career Program Manger approval and PAQC graduate.

U.S. Air Force:


· Officer:

O- 3 through O-4

· Enlisted:

E-6 through E-7 (AFSC3NXXX)

· Civilian:

GS-12 through GS-13

U.S. Navy:


· Officer:

O-3 through O-5

· Enlisted:

E-7 through E-9

· Civilian:

GS-11 through G S-15 - Students must be in the 1035 series and have a minimum of 5 years of public affairs experience.

U.S. Marine Corps:


· Officer:

O-2 through O-4

· Enlisted:

E-7 through E-9

· Civilian:

GS-11 and above

U.S. Coast Guard:


· Officer:

W-2 through O-5

· Enlisted:

E-6 through E-7

· Civilian:

Not eligible



International students must have a solid understanding of English language usage, grammar and syntax. Students attending this course must have an English Comprehension Level (ECL) of 85, obtain a 2+/2+ on the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), and have basic keyboard skills. Students requesting enrollment must be O-4's or senior O-3's and graduates of the DINFOS PAQC, with a minimum of one-year experience as a Public Affairs Officer (PAO).

Interagency: Interagency students must be a U.S. Government employee working in the PA career filed (GS 1035).