U.S. Army:

 Officer - O-2 through O-4

 Enlisted - E-6 through E-9 25Z

 Civilian - GS-09 through GS-13 (10XX Series)

 U.S. Air Force:

 Officer - O-1 through O-4 (35XX)

 Enlisted - E-6 through E-9 (3NOX X)

 Civilian - GS-9 through GS-13 (10XX Series)

 U.S. Marine Corps:

 Officer - O -1 through O-5 4302 4503 4603

 Warrant Officer - W-1 through W-2 4302 45 03 4603

 Enlisted - E-5 through E-9 43XX 45XX 46XX

 Civilian - GS-07 through GS-14

 U.S. Coast Guard:

 Officer - O-1 through O-4

 Warrant Officer - W-2 through W-4

 Enlisted - E-5 through E-9 (PA)

 Civilian - GS-9 through GS-14


 VIM-DL is currently not open to international students


 Interagency students must be GS-09 to GS-14 civilians in one of the following career services: 1035, 1060, 1071, or 1084.