Course Description:

 The Mass Communication Foundations course teaches concepts and skills needed in both public affairs and visual information specialties.  Students learn and apply design thinking principles to question effectively, identify problems and provide a solution-based approach within a communications framework, applying the fundamentals of journalistic writing, still photography, videography, digital graphic design, and interactive multimedia.  Students are introduced to and apply the fundamentals of English and journalism to news and narrative stories, captions, and video scripts for use in both internal and external communication products.  Instruction includes public affairs internal and external communications, media and community engagement, and preparing information for public release in accordance with Department of Defense directives. 
Students learn and apply basic photography fundamentals, including optics, light and color theory, composition, exposure and lighting, studio photography, and use a digital single-lens reflex camera to capture both still and motion imagery of controlled and uncontrolled action in support of DoD themes and messages and for historical documentation.  Students learn digital audio capture methods and editing techniques, then use recording tools to capture audio they integrate into video sequences and digital media products.  Applying video and editing techniques, students create video products to support military operations, training, and public affairs missions.   
Additionally, students study integrated multimedia best practices and apply design and layout fundamentals, including color theory and typography, in the creation of all products.  Each student will create vector-based products and raster-based graphics, and incorporate these and elements of previous projects into interactive multimedia packages for use in multiple print and browser-based platforms.  The course culminates with both individual and group capstone exercises, where each student will demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply the diverse knowledge and skills attained throughout the entire course.

Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD

Service Prerequisites (MCF)


U.S. Army



  • Must be enlisted E-1 through E-5
  • Soldiers must meet prerequisites outlined in 611-21
  • E-5 with less than 12 months TIG
  • Must be a high school graduate or have high school equivalency
  • Minimum of 2 years of high school English
  • Minimum GT score of 107
  • Minimum physical profile of 211121
  • Meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9
  • Pass APFT prior to graduation


U.S. Air Force

  • Must be enlisted E-1 through E-6
  • Minimum score of 72 on general area of ASVAB
  • AFAQE score of 43
  • Must have distant visual acuity correctable to 20/20 with normal color vision
  • Must be eligible for SECRET security clearance
  • Must have a current driver's license
  • Must pass English Diagnostics Test
  • Must pass voice audition

U.S. Navy

  • Must be enlisted E-1 through E-5
  • ASVAB: VE + AR = 115 (VE must be 56 or higher)
  • Normal color vision- Must be a United States Citizen
  • Remaining enlistment of 5 years
  • Must be eligible to obtain a SECRET security clearance
  • Prerequisites cannot be waived

U.S. Marine Corps

  • Must be enlisted E-1 through E-5
  • Minimum GT score of 110 (waiverable to 107)
  • Minimum VE score of 45
  • Must have normal color vision
  • Must be a United States Citizen
  • Must be eligible for a SECRET security clearance

U.S. Coast Guard

  • Must be enlisted E-3 through E-6
  • Auxiliary PAO with service chief approval
  • ASVAB requirement of minimum VE+AR=109 and minimum VE score of 54
  • Type minimum of 20 wpm