Course Description:

The Digital Multimedia Course (DMC) provides intermediate level training in the knowledge and skills needed to create and integrate text, graphics, sound, animation and full-motion video into multimedia and web-based packages. The course includes instruction in the operation of computer systems, input devices and output devices to acquire, edit, design, manage, output, and archive digital imaging, graphic design and multimedia files. Students use software to create, manage and render the following: composite photographic layouts, graphic designs, page layouts, video productions, web pages and interactive multimedia solutions. The Digital Multimedia Course also includes theoretical and working instruction of computer fundamentals and functions, communications, color theory, and the principles and implementation of color management. DoD policies and instructions relative to ethics and use of computer generated and edited images are emphasized.

Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD

Special Information:

The Registrar and Quota Management Office will verify that students meet prerequisites via a Digital Multimedia Course Prerequisite Verification Letter. This Verification Letter is required to complete the registration process. Prerequisites for the DMC course cannot be waivered. Prerequisites must be verified and approved before a seat in the DMC course can be reserved. Personnel with a fundamental knowledge of, and  involved in daily operations in the visual information (VI) or public affairs (PA) career fields. A fundamental knowledge is defined as 2 years of computer experience within the last 5 years, including operational skills in the following types of software: raster-based, vector-based and digital page layout. Experience using these fundamental skills is necessary to prepare students for this fast-paced, intermediate level course.

Text Prerequisites:

U.S. Army:

E-4 through E-7 (PA - 46Q, 46Z; VI - 25M, 25V, 25Z)


GS-07 through GS-11 (Series 1001, 1020, 1035, 1 060, 1071,1084)

U.S. Air Force:

E-4 through E-6 (3N0XX)


GS-07 through GS-12 (Series 10XX)

U.S. Navy:

E-4 through E-6 MC or HM (8472)


GS-5 through GS-11 (Series 108 2, 1084, 1060, 1001, 1071, 1035, 1020)

U.S. Marine Corps:

E-3 through E-6


GS -11 (PA Seri es 1035, VI Series 1001, 1084)

U.S. Coast Guard:

E-4 through E-7


Series 1035

Other U.S.

Government Agencies:

Must be a U.S. Government employee working in the visual information (VI) or public affairs (PA) career fields (Series 1001, 1020, 1060, 1071, 1084, 1035).


INTERNATIONAL PREREQUISITES: International students are strongly encouraged to comply with the course prerequisites as listed above. However, the prerequisite verification process may be waived. International students must also meet the following requirements: Have an English Comprehension Level (ECL) of 80 - Distance visual acuity correctable to 20/20 and normal color vision - Be in a career field/position with pay grades equivalent to Army E-4, officer O-1, or civilian.