Combat Camera Leadership Course 2019 schedule and prerequisites


Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD


Class Schedule FY: 2019



Report Date

Start Date

End Date

Class Type


05 May 2019

06 May 2019

17 May 2019



Course Description

This course trains selected officers and noncommissioned officers in the principles, techniques and skills required to perform the duties and functions of a combat camera planner. The Combat Camera Leadership Course focuses on identifying the mission and functions of combat camera (COMCAM) to include: The development of operational support plans, policy, procedures, and imagery management plans. It also includes in-depth theoretical and working knowledge of how COMCAM functions within the Department of Defense.


Prerequisites for Course DINFOS-CCLC


Verifiable Prerequisites

There are no Prerequisites in the Verifiable Prerequisites section. See other sections.


Prerequisite Courses

There are no Prerequisites in the Prerequisite Courses section. See other sections.


Text Prerequisites for DINFOS-CCLC


U.S. Army:


§ Officer:

O-1 through O-4 on assignment to or at 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) or 982nd Signal Company Combat Camera (Airborne)

§ Enlisted

E-5 and above in M OS 25M, 25R, 25V and 25Z.

U.S. Air Force:


§ Officer

AFSC 35P; O-1 through O-5 (PA officers projected or on assignment to a Combat Camera Squadron, NAF or MAJCOM planner positions take priority)

§ Enlisted:

AFSC 3N0XX; E-5 through E-9 (Noncommissioned Officers projected or on assignment to a Combat Camera Squadron, NAF or MAJCOM planner positions take priority)

U.S. Navy:


§ Officer:

O-1 through O-4 (USN 1650)

§ Enlisted:

E-6and above (MC rate) B6 10

U.S. Marine Corps:


§ Officer:

4502 Communication Strategy and Operations Officer; Warrant Officer - 4503 Visual Information Officer

§ Enlisted:

4591 Communication Strategy and Operations Chief




International students attending this course will be from defense ministries of nations operating within the SATFA framework.


Students must have an English Comprehension Level (ECL) of 85 and be in VI/PA/Communications career field.