Basic Still Photography 2019 schedule and prerequisites

Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD

Course: DINFOS-BSP                  


Class Schedule FY: 2019



Report Date

Start Date

End Date

Class Type


26 Sep 2018

01 Oct 2018

15 Jan 2019



17 Oct 2018

22 Oct 2018

05 Feb 2019



16 Jan 2019

22 Jan 2019

17 Apr 2019



01 Feb 2019

06 Feb 2019

06 May 2019



18 Apr 2019

23 Apr 2019

29 Jul 2019



10 May 2019

15 May 2019

16 Aug 2019



19 Jun 2019

24 Jun 2019

24 Sep 2019



Course Description

This course provides instruction in theory and application of photographic fundamentals, captioning, optics, light sources, camera operations for controlled and uncontrolled photography, exposing, and processing. Electronic imaging with digital cameras, imaging-editing and captioning software. Training includes theory and applications applied to image transmission and archiving and applications for documentation and communication of DoD themes and messages.


Prerequisites for Course DINFOS-BSP


Verifiable Prerequisites


Prerequisite Item

Value(s) or Range


Must meet height weight std



IAW AR 600-9




Prerequisite Courses

There are no Prerequisites in the Prerequisite Courses section. See other sections.

This course is developed primarily for entry level enlisted personnel of all U.S. services; however, all enlisted grades are eligible to attend. Others eligible to attend include employees of federal agencies and allied nations. Requests for waiver of prerequisites must be routed through the appropriate career field manager to the DINFOS Commandant and must be approved prior to student's acceptance into training. 


U.S. Army:


· Enlisted:

E1 through E6;


ASVAB EL score of 93 and ST score of 91 or higher.


Must have normal color vision.


Must have depth perception.


Must have normal binocular vision for fine close work as determined by the Armed Forces Vision Tester.


Must follow on to DINFOS-VPD course.


Must be eligible for secret clearance.


Required to be a U.S. Citizen effective 1 October 11 for all Soldiers.

U.S. Marine Corps:


· Enlisted:

E1 through E5;


GT score of 105 or higher.


Must have normal color vision.


Must be eligible for secret clearance.



· Enlisted:

E-1 through E-6;


MC Must be a U.S. citizen.




Must have an English Comprehension Level (ECL) of 70.


Must have distant visual acuity correctable to 20/20 with normal color vision.






Must be a GS 1035, 1060, 1071 or 1084 series position requiring photography skills.


Must have visual acuity correctable to 20/20 with normal color vision.


Must be able to carry associated photography equipment weighing 20 lbs.

SECURITY Clearance:

Must be eligible to obtain a secret clearance.