Basic Photojournalist Course-USAF 2019 schedule and prerequisites

Location: 6500 MAPES ROAD, FT MEADE, MD

Course: DINFOS-BPJC-USAF                


Class Schedule FY: 2019



Report Date

Start Date

End Date

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09 Oct 2018

10 Oct 2018

06 Mar 2019



05 Nov 2018

06 Nov 2018

29 Mar 2019



15 Jan 2019

16 Jan 2019

23 May 2019



14 Mar 2019

15 Mar 2019

29 Jul 2019



01 May 2019

02 May 2019

13 Sep 2019



Course Description

This course trains Airmen to perform as basic Public Affairs photojournalists. This course provides instruction in command information, community engagement, media relations, internet-based communication capabilities news writing and basic still photographic techniques. This course provides training in guidelines for the release of information and imagery, news reporting, and public affairs theory, concepts and principles. This course also provides training in the theory and application of photographic fundamentals, captioning, optics, light sources, camera operations for controlled and uncontrolled photography, exposing, processing, and printing color images. Training also includes electronic imaging with digital cameras, imaging and graphic software, image transmission, archiving, and editing.

Prerequisites for Course DINFOS-BPJC-USAF


Verifiable Prerequisites

There are no Prerequisites in the Verifiable Prerequisites section. See other sections.


Prerequisite Courses

There are no Prerequisites in the Prerequisite Courses section. See other sections.


Text Prerequisites 

U.S. Air Force:

Enlisted: E-1 through E-7; Minimum score of 72 on general area of ASVAB; Must have distant visual acuity correctable to 20/20 with normal color vision.

Officer and Civilian:


International and Interagency:

Not eligible for BPJC-USAF