Judging date: March 9, 2015


The annual Military Graphic Artist of the Year (MILGRAPH) Awards program is designed to recognize and reward military graphic artists for their work in the military graphic arts community. Operating under the aegis of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (OASD(PA)) and administered by the Commandant of the Defense Information School (DINFOS), the competition is judged by professional graphic artists and multimedia specialists from nationally acclaimed art institutes and design studios outside of the military environment and is intended to promote excellence and professionalism in the military graphics arts and multimedia community.

The following categories are established for the MILGRAPH Competition.


This category contains self-playing movies of computer-generated animation. Animation category entries must be submitted in one of the following formats: MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, Shockwave or Flash.

Digital Art:

Original artwork created entirely by digital means. Examples of artwork accepted in this category include shields, crests, paintings, etc. An entry created and entered as a Fine Art entry cannot be entered in this category.

Fine Art:

Two-dimensional work created by any free hand method utilizing wet-based mediums. The primary mediums used to created artwork in this category are watercolor, oil, paint, pastels, airbrush, etc.


Two-dimensional work created by any free hand method utilizing dry-based mediums. Artwork accepted in this category includes line art, cartooning, and sketching (including field sketches). The primary mediums used to create artwork in this category are pencil, charcoal, chalk, etc. Ink is considered a dry-based medium unless applied using a wash technique.

Layout and Design:

A single page layout created using elements from various sources. All layout and design work must be completed by the entrant, but elements can come from other sources. Entries in this category include flyers, certificates, CD covers, cover art, posters, etc. Entries must be submitted as a JPEG file. An entry created and entered as a Fine Art entry cannot be entered in this category. For example, adding a line or two of text to a Fine Art entry and submitting it as a Layout and Design entry is not permitted.


This category consists of books, handbooks, newsletters, programs, etc. involving multiple page layouts incorporating text, graphics and photos. Entries must consist of a minimum of four pages. All entries in the publication category must be submitted as PDF files. When distilling the Portable Document File (PDF), down sample all images to 72dpi for exporting and viewing at screen resolution. Select the compression ratio for JPEG high quality. Convert CMYK Images to RGB.

Web Design:

Computer-generated, self-contained web design with a minimum of five linked HTML documents. Layout, design, and flow are important aspects that will be reviewed during judging. The first web page (home page) must be named index.html and must be located in the root folder of the web site. Failure to properly name and locate the home page will disqualify the entry. Entries must be viewable in the current Windows version of Microsoft Internet Explorer with the base font load.

Crests and Logos

Mixed Media

Military Graphic Artist of the Year (portfolio)

Candidates for the Military Graphic Artist of the Year (portfolio) must submit no less than six and no more than eight entries from at least four of the eight competition categories. No more than three entries can be submitted from any one category.