U.S. Army Signal School Detachment Billeting

All IET students will report to Bldg. 8606, US Army Signal School Detachment and see the Staff Duty NCO (Available Platoon Sergeant) for room assignments.

All other TDY students with a valid ATRRS attending either reclassification or advanced courses should call the Post Billeting Office no earlier than 15 days prior to class start date to confirm reservations.

The company maintains one barracks building, Building 8606, designated for MOS-I Soldiers, these are the Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers who have only recently completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and are here to earn their first Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). All other TDY students will reside in the Candlewood Suites - IHG Army Hotels on Fort Meade. (Temporarily until BLDG 8609 is completed for all MOS-T Students)

Candlewood Suites - IHG Army Hotels on Fort Meade.

The Post Billeting office is located at:
4690 Cooper Ave, Fort Meade, MD 20755  (410) 674-7700

MOS-T & Advance Course Platoon Sergeant: 301-677-4067
SDNCO (Bldg. 8606): 301-677-6167